OCR 900

OCR® CO2 tents are the best tents currently available due to their ingenious design, high quality materials and high quality workmanship. The OCR tents consist of a stable metal structure and high-quality, lightweight tent cloth with an extremely reflective silver coating, which significantly increases the light intensity inside the tent (diamond reflection). The tent fabric has a high tensile strength, is heat, oil, grease and stain resistant and washable inside and out. Each OCR tent has a double floor, i.e. H. It contains the form-stable and waterproof drip tray made of stable 0.6 mm thick PVC film.

Each tent is equipped with several doors, with inlets and outlets for ventilation and power cables as well as ventilation grids attached below that can be opened or closed, and which are all provided with opaque zippers. In this way no light can penetrate into the tent or escape from the tent outside. An OCR tent can be set up quickly and easily. Of course, every tent is delivered with clear assembly instructions. Thanks to the ingenious design, OCR tents can be easily connected to one another and fit perfectly with the lighting plan of the OCL-XXL series. 

All advantages at a glance: 

  • Specially developed for CO2 plant breeding!
  • Very strong, stable 25 mm thick frame, designed for loads of up to 120 kg
  • Particularly high tent height of 2.40 m
  • Multiple doors
  • Can be connected to other OCR tents.
  • Waterproof, seamless, dimensionally stable 0.6 mm thick PVC film, tested with 2200 liters of water, no risk of leakage.
  • All tent components are available individually, i. H. they can easily be reordered.
  • Additional holes for water and electricity with double sleeves for opaqueness.
  • 350 mm ventilation holes with double cuffs for airtight air hose connection.
  • First 1 + 1 = 3 tent, increases the capacity of your air conditioning system by 50%.
  • Excellent suitability for combination with air conditioning systems (Opticlimate / Nagano etc.)
  • Strong zippers
  • The frame was designed according to the lighting plan for the 1000 W double-end luminaires of the OCL XXL series Professional.
  • This OCR tent is individually packed so that it is easy to transport.


Every XXL series OCR CO2 tent includes:

  • Frame made of 100% metal with very stable connections
  • Sturdy bag in which the 1680D Mylar tent cloth is neatly packed
  • Very strong and thick 1680D Mylar tent fabric that can be easily connected to other tents with the zippers
  • Watertight, dimensionally stable drip tray made of 0.6 mm thick PVC film
  • Rubber feet for the support posts
  • Very clear instructions

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